Little One’s Online Summer Camp 2021 – A Celebration of Childhood

Little One’s Online Summer Camp 2021 is a roaring hit

Hip Hip Hurray! The unbridled joys of childhood have blossomed again at Little One’s ONLINE SUMMER CAMP 2021, held from 1 June to 8 June.

The camp was a virtual carnival of fun, excitement, learning, exploring, and creativity for the tiny tots of Pre-Nursery, Nursery, and Prep grades. To tickle their curiosity and open doors to new knowledge of the world around them, we chose three very apt themes for the camp: NATURE for Pre-Nursery, UNDERWATER for Nursery, and SPACE for Prep.


The Wonders of Nature

Nature is bountiful and beautiful. The sooner the kids are introduced to its wonders the better. Our camp had virtual tours and nature walks to educate Pre-Nursery children about diverse plants, trees, insects, birds, animals and the natural environment, in general. We then inspired the kids to apply this knowledge creatively in interesting activities such as Hand-Print Art, Animals with Leaves, Seed Germination, Leaf Fossils, Play With Clay and Young Picassos. Besides the art and craft, the children also learned the importance of health and fitness through fun-filled yoga and cooking sessions.


The Marvellous Water World

An amazing world of exotic creatures exists underwater. Turtles, stingrays, sharks, tunas, dolphins, whales and octopuses are some of the water animals introduced to the lovely kids of Nursery through virtual tours on our Summer Camp. The children had a whale of a time in the role-playing activity called Show and Tell and fitness session called Aqua Yoga. They flaunted their creativity in Aquatic Crafts and Toy Making, and wowed one and all with water experiments in Aqua Spritzer, Rain In A Jar and Floating Ink. Not just that, they enjoyed learning French names of many water animals.


The Endless Space

What does it feel like to have a party in a spaceship? How to grow plants without soil? These are some of the things that the Prep children got to learn in our camp. A virtual tour introduced them to the life in a space station and creative activities such as Solar System Torch, Jumping Robots, Planets in a Jar and Space Galaxy taught them about galaxies, stars and the planets in our solar system in the most exciting manner. To top it, children did Space Workout and shook a leg to Dancing Among Stars.



A whole treasure trove of learning popped open at Little One’s ONLINE SUMMER CAMP 2021. The children learned life skills, flaunted their creativity, developed critical thinking, observational skills, kinesthetic learning, fine and gross motor skills, hand-eye coordination along a big boost to their confidence and vocabulary. They sang and danced, they role-played and they wowed their parents and teachers with stellar performances.

Children were the true superstars of our Summer Camp. They made it a roaring success with their endearing charm and lovely performances that we will cherish for a long time to come.

Great going, all our little ones! Keep it up!