Play way based learning for Little Ones: Letting kids explore the why & how of things

Children are innate explorers they learn best through their curiosity and discovery. They observe their environment by interacting with peers in the education space and in many more ways. And it is also true that many aspects of learning can be understood better by exploring on their own. This method of hands-on learning among little ones is known as & exploration-based learning & Activities at little ONE-The Jaipuria Pre School are based on encouraging toddlers to ignite their curiosity & letting them think by asking open-ended questions, explore and discover the world on their terms, and have an understanding of it. Our vision is that learning should be through exploration, investigation, and discovery. We motivate our children in our virtual sessions to learn through fun and in creative ways with different activities such as:

1. Shadowgraphy-Story telling merged with an Art Session: A virtual session of SHADOW PUPPET STORY followed up with a craft activity session where little ones were indulged in finger snapper/cootie catcher activity. Origami excites other modalities of learning too. It has been shown to improve spatial visualization skills using hands-on learning. Such skills allow children to comprehend, characterize and construct their own vernacular for the world around them. These are hands-on study tools that get little ones active and engaged in their learning plus they’re really fun to use too! This activity enhanced literacy, visual-spatial, fine motor & thinking skills in our little ones.

2. Dream catcher activity: Good dreams pass through the web. They float down the hanging beads and feathers to sleeping children. Our adorable little ones explored an exciting crafty activity- & The Paper Plate Dream Catcher & Snipping out the shapes and gluing them on is great fine motor practice for our little ones. The kids were very proud of their creations and happily put them above their beds to feel the positive vibes.

3. Summer Camp Activities: Online Summer camp is a great occasion for young children to rediscover the joy among children. Online summer camp activities were designed based on several themes. These activities will therefore be targeting different skills like Language development, Naturalistic skills, Spatial Skills, Logical Skills, Kinesthetic development, Interpersonal skills, Intrapersonal skills & Musical skills. It is planned from 1st June-8th June based on building unique interests and exploring a whole new world.

adminPlay way based learning for Little Ones: Letting kids explore the why & how of things