Importance of Creative Activities in Child’s Holistic Development

When was the last time we handed our kids paintbrushes instead of pencils or have asked them to stop studying and draw or paint something out of their imagination?

Don’t exactly remember? In today’s world kids are so busy competing with the age groups that they have no idea what it is like to have a vivid imagination and creativity.

Every child is born with an imagination. At times parents acknowledge their imagination and take joy in their creative thoughts but most of the time knowingly or unknowingly suppress the child’s projection thinking that the child might not understand what is real. Kids above the age of 3 know well that a green cow does not exist but enjoy the opportunity to think and imagine it differently. Allowing kids to use their imagination helps in their cognitive development.

The right mix of creativity along with the curriculum helps students to be innovative and also encourages them to learn new things. In Fact creative expression plays a key role in a child’s emotional development. Creativity and imagination is more important than knowledge. It is the door to possibilities…Imaginative and creative play is important for kids to learn about the world…visualizing, trying new ways of doing things and experimenting help in developing critical thinking in children as well as their emotional and social personalities.

It’s fascinating to watch children here at little ONE-The Jaipuria Pre school Kakadeo completely enveloped in creative play coloring, drawing, and building playdough creations as colors explode around them in leaps and bounds. This may not seem like a remarkable activity, but as kids allow their imaginations to take center stage, they’re actually developing their creative thinking and innovative capabilities, along with many other benefits.

Creativity, when allowed to be expressed fully and without judgment, is one of the most fulfilling and freeing experiences for children. It gives them the opportunity to create something tangible from personal feelings and experiences—a beautiful reflection of their unique imaginations. It’s also the perfect activity to nurture their emotional health and ensure the enhancement of their lives as well-rounded individuals.

At little ONE-The Jaipuria Pre school Kakadeo we recognize the importance of creativity in a child’s overall development and cater to our kids with various indoor and outdoor creative activities which help them to discover their creative side.

adminImportance of Creative Activities in Child’s Holistic Development