Storytelling: The Art of Telling A Tale

Storytelling is about connecting to other people and helping people to see what you see. Students of kindergarten participated in a storytelling session, wherein they narrated stories with immense confidence, voice modulation and clarity of speech. In these sessions, students develop their own storytelling talents, apply the techniques of storytelling, create storytelling guides, and perform a story for an audience. This unit can be taught to an entire classroom or given as a self-directed extension activity. Each lesson is quite short, and can easily be combined with other lessons. We at ‘Little One’ try to be more creative with our little children. We try to use more colourful props. Short stories are narrated to them with proper voice modulation. After the story, there is a moral to be told to a child and a craft also related to the story. We also have a questions-answer round to create more curiosity in the child.