Little One’s Virtual Learning Programme

Wonders never cease at Little One. Nor does learning ever stop. Our Virtual Learning Programme ensures that children never miss out on the foundational learning that is so important for their cognitive, emotional and physical development during the formative years. From literacy to life skills, creativity to critical thinking – we’ve got it all covered.

What Makes Virtual Learning Programme Awesome!

We believe that education should deliver much more than academic excellence. Alongside learning, children should explore through activities and have plenty of fun at the same time. Happiness of little ones means a lot to us and we pay attention to each and every child’s needs so that no learning gaps are left unaddressed. All this makes our Virtual Learning Programme unique and awesome!

Something For Every Child In Our Virtual Learning Programme

From toddlers to young kids, every child will learn and benefit from Little One’s Virtual Learning Programme. The virtual courses are designed exclusively for each grade. Children are kept engaged through interactive online classes, activities, virtual tours, games and quizzes. Teachers use a new methodology to make E-Learning interesting for little ones. Register now for the best virtual learning your child deserves.