Virtual Earth Day Celebration

Earth Day is celebrated on April 22 each year, the day is meant to show support for a variety of environmental concerns and ways that we can help keep earth clean and healthy. From highlighting the importance of planting seeds to raising awareness about the environment and inspiring us to save and protect our mother earth, our little ones enthusiastically celebrated Earth Day at little ONE-The Jaipuria Pre School. They listened to the stories, indulged in various activities like singing earth day songs, rhymes, made happy earth, sad earth, abstract painting, etc. 

Our cuddlesome little ones relished the earth day story & learnt how to care for earth and keep it healthy and clean, how we can recycle, help protect the earth and conserve energy. Takeaways from the story:

  • Recycling is good for the earth.
  • Compost is good for the garden.
  • Let’s walk! It’s better for the environment.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle: Our curious & brainy Prep little ones learned about the concept of 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle & learnt about how to keep our mother earth green & clean by planting trees, saving water & watering plants. They also took a pledge to preserve and protect our natural environment. All of them were asked to make something useful out of scrap. This method helped the children to perceive the importance of resources and put their minds into a thinking process. 

Happy earth & Sad Earth: littleones created their own version of happy earth & sad. They were also informed the earth is happy when we plant more & more trees, save water, avoid using plastics, save electricity by turning off the light, and shut the water off when they brush their teeth. They were also told a sad earth is like a barren land with no greenery. 

My Handprint Earth activity-I love my earth: Messy play like finger painting & abstract painting has always been one of the exploring activities for kids where they can showcase their creativity skills & is important for child’s development as well. Kids enjoyed doing the activity “My Hand Print Earth”. 

This is how our little ones fervently celebrated Earth Day. All in all earth day celebration was a learning experience for all little ones. For more details on our online curriculum for each class, please fill in the online form and our admission team will get back to you or visit

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