Engaging the tiny tots in Purposeful Play

Engaging the tiny tots in Purposeful Play. Purposeful play is an enjoyable and experiential learning process that allows children to make meaning out of their experiences. When children play, they are building imaginative skills, developing reading skills, enhancing numeracy, scientific skills, problem solving and building social skills that includes their overall development. Purposeful play requires a little bit of thought and foresight on the part of the parent, but it can be achieved pretty easily. Here we engage the children in building blocks, solving puzzles, enriching art and craft activities, picture reading, object talking, and many more.

To integrate innovation with learning, digital tools have played an important role. Children at Little one were introduced to digital tools during the online classes but we kept enhancing the use of various tools like ARloopa, Surreal AR etc, even during the physical classes at present. Children, with the help of teachers made their own padlet profiles and kept adding their little yet creative achievements on the same and hence are becoming future ready. Also these tools have remarkably enhanced the imaginative skills and critical thinking among children.

In order to maintain an amazing balance between the digitalisation of education and keeping the basics deep rooted to physical classes, the school has various physical spaces of learning, the Sensory Area which includes different musical instruments, toys made of different fabric, a touch and feel section, a ball room to enhance the experiential learning which is a hit amongst the children.

Thus, we have brought innovation in every aspect of our framework that our revised framework goes beyond existing frameworks that focus primarily on the development of skills and competences for the future of each child.

adminEngaging the tiny tots in Purposeful Play