Embracing Healthy Lifestyle at Little ONE

Children are fussy eaters and this is a known fact. If given a choice, a child would consume all kinds of junk food, instead of wholesome nutritious food. Urbanised food habits that are instilled during childhood continue throughout adolescence as well as adulthood. Studies have shown that banning junk food outright is not the answer, it may actually backfire at the same time. Therefore, we should rather believe in educating our little ones to choose a healthy lifestyle and train their minds to opt a healthy food platter. It’s all about changing their mindset:

1. Fruit Salad Party: Colourful and a decorated platter always excites kids…A combination of fruits with different colours like apple, banana, orange, papaya, cherries, grapes, Kiwi, watermelon, mango, strawberries & beetroot quickly grabs the attention of children and helps them to consume good nutrition that have antibacterial and anti-cancer properties, preventing skin infections, and aiding cell protection. Keeping this in mind a fruit salad party was organized which was the perfect way to inculcate healthy eating habits by adding a rainbow of nutrients to their diet.

2. Sprout Chaat Party: Sprouts are considered as a good and easily accessible source of protein for our little ones. Sprouts are not just an excellent source of chlorophyll, but also have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties. Sprout chaat is one of the perfect snack for our little ones. Therefore, we planned a party for our little ones containing tons of nutrients such as proteins, iron, fibre, and Vitamins A and C.

3.Watermelon Party & Watermelon kickpocks: Eating lots of watermelon helps in boosting the immune system and reduces risks of developing disease and illness. Vitamin A present in it also helps maintain healthy skin, teeth and bones of children. Watermelon being a refreshing fruit makes a perfect treat on a hot summer day. It is also full of vitamins and antioxidants, and it contains 92 percent water. Our little ones celebrated National Refreshment Day which is observed on the fourth Thursday of July annually. It is celebrated to remind us that we need to detoxify ourselves at regular intervals. From Watermelon kickpops to Watermelon Party our little ones celebrated & cherished this day with healthy drinks & juices.

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