Building a Strong Culture of Parent-School Engagement at Little ONE

We at little ONE-The Jaipuria Preschool embrace & encourage parent involvement in each & every aspect of child development & growth. From establishing healthy parent-teacher relationships to management support our parents are involved in embracing the transition of children. To improve child academic achievement, social competencies and emotional well-being which leads to the holistic development of child we have taken various initiatives such as:

Star Parent Certificate A strong initiative by our team to certify & encourage those parents who have established a positive and collaborative relationship with the teacher to foster child’s growth in the best possible ways.

Feedback Calls- To bridge the opportunity gaps & build strong relationships with our prospective parents our teachers at regular intervals contact the parents to know their feedback related to the child’s development, academics, and the overall well-being of child and parent.

Social Media– We leverage our social media space to interact with our prospective parents & leverage the potential of social media technologies to enhance the overall learning process. We interact with our prospective parents through Instagram Stories where we know their valuable opinions by means of questionnaires on assorted topics. We have marked our successful presence on Facebook channels also where we post the content of activities, parenting tips, webinars, events & parent testimonials

Virtual Parent Orientation– To educate and motivate the parents to keep a positive outlook during the testing times, a session was also conducted for the parents at little ONE, by the most experienced and renowned pediatrician of the city Dr. Sunil Taneja. This interactive session gave a platform to parents to enquire about different complications and assumptions related to post covid care and vaccines. Dr Taneja, emphasized that vaccination is a must for everyone including expecting mothers past the first trimester. He also threw light on the nutritional balance children require in these times when physical activities are limited. He explained how to handle restlessness and anxiety in children during these times. The session left a great impact on the minds of parents who already began planning to restructure their home environment to benefit their children with a complete focus on positive and healthy development.

We always believe in devising new ways to enhance ways of building parent engagement in our school. Our teachers at little ONE with enthusiastic parents involve, engage, and communicate with them which makes them an integral part in the learning process of our little ones.

adminBuilding a Strong Culture of Parent-School Engagement at Little ONE