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Operating our school safely is our top priority for schools when they do open, and by keeping these guidelines, and those of the government in mind, it is possible to provide children with a safe school environment. To ensure further safety standards, only children, teachers and administrative staff is permitted on school premises. It’s important for us to provide assurance to the parents about their child’s safety therefore Safety on-premises is our top-priority. Here are the few FAQ’s of preferential safety measures by little ONE-The Jaipuria Preschool:


Precautions taken by school:

-Hand sanitizing at periodic intervals
-Social Distancing with conducting classes in staggered manner
-Compulsory mask wearing
-Regularly sanitizing campus
-Regular inspection of guidelines by Headmistress
-Day long supervision by the teachers & administrative staff.


Social Distancing in Classroom

-Six foot distance between desks
-Spacious Classrooms
-Well-Ventilated Classrooms
-Disallowing of sharing of meals/things
-Social distancing between children & teachers

How well equipped is the school infirmary?

-Fully equipped for minor injuries
-A qualified nurse to attend children
-Equipped to handle fever, cold, cough, headache, stomach ache.

Are teachers tested for COVID-19?

-Mandatory periodic testing of teachers
-Regular Inspection/Review of teachers
-Social distancing between teachers & children
-Anyone with COVID signs is not allowed in the school


What precautions should children take at home after school?:

-Sanitize hands & Shoes before entering home
-Change school dress immediately
-Sanitize or wash school bag

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