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March 14, 2020
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March 31, 2020
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Nature has endowed us with a bounty of resources that play a critical role in determining the overall quality of life on earth. The world goes round on the principle of coexistence, and these resources are meant for everyone. With progress in human civilizations, humankind started using up most of the resources without a thought for tomorrow.  Thus, permanent loss of resources has become one of the major concerns for the environment today.

At Little One, we believe in making the children aware of the responsible usage of resources. Children must understand the importance of maintaining the balance between use and preservation of the natural resources.  We, at Little One, bring forward an array of programs associated with learning methods to keep the young minds in harmony with the aspects of environmental conservation. Students of Little One learn about the need to protect the natural resources that we are endowed with. If our kids do not learn to handle the resources carefully, the future will be in jeopardy.

At Little One, we do not just convey the idea through various programs and activities that are organized year-round at the school, but we also reflect the same through our own approaches and even infrastructure. We have 7 Outdoor learning spaces where children learn and grow taking a cue from nature. The construction of the school building has been facilitated through optimal use natural resources. This helps ensure that the building and the surrounding area remain bright and airy throughout the day.

Submitted by: Nidhi Grover

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