It’s High Time – Say NO to Plastics!!

March 14, 2020
March 14, 2020
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Plastic pollution is the massive accumulation of plastic products that has an adverse effect on each and every component of the environment. From trees to human beings, wild animals to small insects – all these are the myriad components of this environment. The careless and frivolous usage of plastic affects our lives somewhere.

Polybags have become popular due to easy availability and low costs. However, polythene does not decompose and so it becomes a gradual threat to the environment and human civilization as well. Moreover, waterlogging during the rains has become a common issue nowadays. Aquatic lives are in danger due to the side effects of polythene as well. Therefore, it is high time we say no to polybags.

Simple Ways to Prevent Plastic Usage

Saying ‘no’ to plastic bags should not be a big deal. Here are a few ways we can minimize the usage of plastics in our daily lives:

  • Do not insist on procuring a plastic bag, unless it is a necessity or the only option justify.
  • Stop getting plastic bags for all commodities you purchase.
  • Do not throw old plastic bags carelessly into the trash. You might not know which animal might consume it.
  • Recycling your used plastic bags is a better idea. This way you can preserve the environment and reduce wastage.

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