Why should I choose Little One, the Jaipuria Pre School for my Child?

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Why should I choose Little One, the Jaipuria Pre School for my Child?

Why should I choose Little One, the Jaipuria Pre School for my Child?

Little One comes with a legacy of 114 Years managed and run by professionals, headed by Shri Shishir Jaipuria Chairman of Seth Anandram Jaipuria Group Educational Institutions. As a Preschool we provide holistic development to a child and work over the value-based learning which is an amalgamation of western culture and Indian culture.

Little One, The Jaipuria Preschool aims to nurture happy and confident children by providing child-centric learning with an endeavour to promote creativity, environmental sensitivity and academic excellence. We help inculcate a spirit of lifelong learning, for our children to become effective change-agents.

At Little One, our curriculum is derived from the best of early childhood practices across the globe, making it age-appropriate, highly child- centered and child-responsive, for their holistic development. Fully recognising that each child is unique, we bring to our children, a dynamic and ever-evolving curriculum, to suit their individual developmental needs.

Here, our teachers are facilitators who observe the children, listen to them, reflect and then offer them opportunities to experience, dig deeper and construct their further knowledge. Play with experiential learning in a musical environment, forms a firm foundation for implementation of our unique and state-of-the-art curriculum where both parents and teachers collaborate interestingly for growth of our children. The children are prepared for life not just by imparting knowledge but by enhancing their talents and life skills. Further, our nurturing environment with loving Mentors and Caregivers help us tap into each child’s potential, laying a strong foundation for them to become confident achievers!

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