Nature Friendly Preschool- Little One, The Jaipuria Pre School

Why should I choose Little One, the Jaipuria Pre School for my Child?
July 25, 2019
August 10, 2019
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Nature Friendly Preschool- Little One, The Jaipuria Pre School

It is our endeavour that each child who enters the portals of our school joins a community of children, families and teachers fully engaged in joyful learning. We believe that every child is gifted and we help them to unfold their innate talent and develop their curiosity. We encourage the children to think and observe closely for ensuring unity of mind, body and spirit.

 Our classrooms are free of walls and are gadget free. We have created 7 outdoor learning spaces to ensure that children learn and grow naturally.

Sensory Garden

With every activity they participate in, they empower their senses. The sensory gardens improve physical fitness, health, mood and cognition. A sensory garden creates an opportunity for the children to experience textures, tastes and sounds they may otherwise not be exposed to, such as a beautiful bird song, a velvety rose petal, a jagged rock, moist dirt, tiny seeds and large shading trees. This type of sensory stimulation is critical to healthy brain development.

Olympic Strip

With every game they win, they imbibe team spirit. Different Sports activities, yoga etc are organised and this Olympic strip ensures safety of the children. We have an Olympic strip in our school and the material that is used is soft and doesn’t have the sharp edges.

Monumental Garden

With every image children observe, they discover the power of visualization. The power of visualization has been instrumental in turning dreams into reality. Replaying the mental vision and imagining of different places, events, celebrations or any person makes you learn more about the things or events by experiencing it yourself. Creating an ambience related to the event gives you not just the knowledge but also builds sensitivity and awareness towards it. So all events and celebrations are created live for the children to create live experiences and ensure life- long learning.

Music Lawn

With every song they create, they gain new confidence. We have a Music Lawn in our school, which has all the DIY musical instruments and they are placed in a way that they are under the reach of the children and also keeping in mind the security of children. Every corner is designed and displayed in a way that children can come and enjoy the tunes of the various instruments. Music Lawn is a transition garden for them. The garden is kept simple yet attractive for kids. Children can come and sit on the grass floor which is of a good quality. A dedicated music board has been created to bring the feel of music to that area. Along with the beautifully designed and decorated DIY musical instruments specially made for the kids that they can play and enjoy the different sounds coming out from each of them.

Little Farmer’s Field

With every plant they grow, they deepen their bond with nature. Gardening and plant care help children develop gross and fine motor skills. Time outdoors, breathing fresh air, and being exposed to sunlight are extremely beneficial to the children’s overall physical health. At farmer’s field, we aim to connect children to the outdoors and their community through outdoor play and meaningful farm work. Children will help us care for the plants and we will embark on our nature exploration. In the farm field no matter the weather we will have first-hand experience of the shifting seasons and natural changes throughout the year. This means that we will be outside in the sun, the rain. This hands-on farm and nature experience will gift your child a deeper connection to the natural world while developing resilience, self-confidence, and independence.

Zen Story Garden

With every fun story they hear, they imbibe new values. The concept behind setting the reading corner in a garden is that the child comes in contact with mother nature and feel relaxed while his story sessions The place creates the perfect mood and ambiance for storytelling. The sitting for the same is made comfortable with the arrangements of chair for those who want to sit and rubber mats with the cushions for those who want to lie down and enjoy the reading time. To connect kids more closely to the story, we set the garden with the props and other materials used in the story.

Kids Green Play Area

With every game they play, they learn something new. Play allows children to use their creativity while developing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. We engage children in structured free play activities.

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